OTTOMAN RUINS IN MEDINA – The city of Medina, which was once under the Ottoman sovereign,

still have remains of the Ottoman Empire.

A little further from Nabawi mosque lies the Hejaz railway station.

Hejaz railway station in Medina - picture
Hejaz railway station in Medina  [206]

The railway station in Medina was linked to several other stations till Damascus which covers some 1760 kilometers.

This railway was constructed by Sultan `Abd al-Hamid khan the Second and was completed in 1908.

It was operated mainly to transport Muslim pilgrims from the capital of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey to the holy cities of Makkah and Medina.

wagons of the Turkish railway
One of the wagons of the Ottoman railway, Medina [070]

During world war I, the Hejaz railway was destroyed by a sabotage campaign launched by Lawrence of Arabia, 10 years after its opening.

Signboard at Hijaz railway station in Madina
Signboard at Hejaz Railway Station in Medina[187]

The Hejaz railway station in Madina cannot be visited at the moment apparently because of a project of restoration of this ruin.

Hijaz railway bridge in Madina - image
Hejaz railway bridge partly submerged in water, Medina [442]

Hejaz railway bridge in Medina crossed over Wadi Aqeeq. The above picture depicts the bridge partly submerged in water after a heavy rainfall. Nowadays, this bridge is completely destroyed.

Masjid Rambariy, a turkish mosque
Rambariy Mosque [071]

Next to the Hejaz railway station is Rambariy Mosque, built by the Ottoman.

Othoman fortress in Medina - picture
A turkish fortress in Medina [072]

This is an Ottoman fortress comprising of several storeys located between the Prophet`s mosque and Quba Mosque.

Turkish ruins on the hill Sila`, Medina
Othoman ruins on the hill Sila`, Medina [207]